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Educate yourself about asylum policies and immigration issues


Campaign for Hospitality: The Campaign for Hospitality invites the Jesuit and broader Catholic network in the United States and Canada to get to know people in our countries with recent stories of migration. Together, we will reflect on our common human dignity and values to create more welcoming communities and nations. 


Go on a BorderLinks delegation when available again to learn more about our border issues:


The systematic dehumanization and criminalization of immigrants did not start with the Trump administration. Bill Clinton first introduced the idea of “Prevention through Deterrence” in 1994 ( And this new “Zero Tolerance” policy (note: not a law), which makes seeking asylum a federal crime, has been labeled an extension of the Deterrence policy (

Read Rachel Maddow’s account of Significant Incident Reports to children detained at Yuma Border Station in Arizona:

Read how family separation equates to torture for children:

Listen to about the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy. 


Read the story about Carlos Vasquez’s death in custody:

Read the testimony before Congress of Mariee Juarez’s mother about her daughter:


It is important for us to let people know the realities of immigration and those seeking asylum at our border. 


Consider adding any or all of the following hashtags to your social media posts: #SaveAsylum #FamiliesBelongTogether #FreedomForImmigrants #ShutDownICE #DecriminalizeMigration #AbolishICE


Defend Immigrants by Taking Part in the Federal Rulemaking Process and Administrative Advocacy: This guide provides an overview of the federal rulemaking process and information about how you can participate. Engaging in administrative advocacy ensures that we are using all avenues to fight for immigrants and will more effectively amplify our collective voice.


Download the guide at: 

Get connected with the Justice for Immigrants action alerts to see how you can add your voice and support:

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