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“The journey was very difficult.”

Mom with two young children


I had to abandon Guatemala because of a lot of violence at home. I lived through sexual assault and threats. The journey was very difficult. We arrived in the US after a week.


In detention we ate once a day. I thought we were going to be detained two days with immigration and then be able to go with my family members, like people did before. The agent told me that I had two options: fight my case from Mexico or accept deportation by plane. Many who didn’t speak Spanish signed to return to Guatemala. They were confused, they didn’t know if they were signing to fight their cases or to be deported to Guatemala. I am very afraid of returning to Guatemala. Some people said they weren’t afraid of returning, but they didn’t understand what they were being asked. They told us there would be a plane flight the following day. There was a woman with a baby who was detained for 9 days. She signed to be deported because of the desperation of her baby and the poor treatment. Her son didn’t have much clothing and was cold. She was glad to leave that place.


I never imagined I would have to wait in Mexico. I was in Nogales for almost two weeks. I was sad, but I have a lot of faith in God that he is going to help me with my case and help me arrive to the US and not have to go back to Guatemala. I don’t want to stay in Mexico because there is a lot of crime. I don’t understand why they send people to court in Juarez/El Paso, maybe just to make us give up.


She has been detained for 6 days, ever since the day of her court. She has not had communication with anyone in this time.

These stories are from people who arrived at the Kino Border Initiative's comedor (dining room) in Nogales, Mexico from January to March 2020. Each person not only gave permission for their story to be shared, but also expressed the importance of people in the US paying attention to them and knowing more about their reality. They speak and they share because they believe that if we work together another world is possible.

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