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"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"
                                           - Mahatma Gandi

This list is an evolving work-in-progress. 

We welcome your action suggestions to support us in keeping this list up-to-date and aligned with movements for (im)migrant and border justice.

Using the pretext of the current pandemic, the Trump Administration has effectively eliminated all access to asylum at the border by rapidly returning anyone detained at the border with no evaluation of their fear of return. Since we believe that asylum is essential travel, please join us in contacting your Congresspeople to oppose this policy:


and sign a petition and submit a comment on the new federal rule:

Donate to the Freedom for Immigrants’ National Immigration Detention Bond Fund:

Go on a BorderLinks delegation to learn more about border issues: 

Defend Immigrants by Taking Part in the Federal Rulemaking Process:

Federal Administrative Advocacy: This guide provides an overview of the federal rulemaking process and information about how you can participate. Engaging in administrative advocacy ensures that we are using all avenues to fight for immigrants and will more effectively amplify our collective voice. Download the guide at: 

Get connected with the Justice for Immigrants action alerts to see how you can add your voice and support:

Campaign for Hospitality: The Campaign for Hospitality invites the Jesuit and broader Catholic network in the United States and Canada to get to know people in our countries with recent stories of migration. Together, we will reflect on our common human dignity and values to create more welcoming communities and nations. 

Read Rachel Maddow’s account of Significant Incident Reports to children detained at Yuma Border Station in Arizona:

Read the testimony before Congress of Mariee Juarez’s mother about her daughter:

Listen to about the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy. 

Contact elected officials: Given the high volume of calls being received by   representatives, we recommend you email your elected officials. We also recommend you request that they contact you regarding your message, either on the email page or in the text of your message. Attend a Town all meeting where available.

Text “Resist” to 50409. ResistBot will prompt you to enter your address, then you can enter a message that will be faxed to one or all of your congressional representatives. The attraction of using ResistBot to fax is that it creates a paper trail that must be documented, which is more disruptive to our representatives.

Participate in direct actions and events:

  • Visit for information about actions/events near you.

  • Appeal to individual border patrol agents to stand-down. The ACLU has stated that individual border patrol agents are not legally bound to separate families. We can appeal to the humanity of each individual agent to refuse to separate families.

  • From “FreeTheChildren”: Due to concerns about the safety and well-being of the children detained in these facilities, we do not recommend taking any action directed at the facilities. Experts in law and child welfare with knowledge of the SKP facilities have advised this plan of action. The children are already victimized. We don’t want to add further pain to their ordeal by 1) scaring them; or 2) forcing the removal of the children to less safe detention centers that are not equipped to properly care for them, like federal detention centers or tent internment camps. Please inform your networks to spread this message

On social media, consider adding any or all of the following hashtags to your social media posts: #FreeTheChildren #FamiliesBelongTogether #FreedomForImmigrants #ShutDownICE #DecriminalizeMigration #AbolishICE

Donate to local organizations: There are many organizations providing assistance to migrants,  immigrants, and families separated by these policies. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Florence Project | provides free legal support to the children detained by the U.S. government

  • RAICES Texas | provides free legal services for detained separated parents and the direct funding for bonds to get parents released

  • Families Belong Together | contributions will support the National Domestic Workers Alliance, which organizes domestic workers in the U.S. for respect, recognition, and labor standards and is a leader in the campaign to protect separated families

  • Keep Tucson Together Immigration Clinic | : All volunteer clinic working in Tucson, Douglas and Nogales to prevent deportations of those in deportation proceedings. Also working at Nogales port with Tucson and Green Valley Samaritans to provide orientation to asylum seekers. (earmark donation for KTT)

Additional information and action: There are a number of organizations and news outlets that have also put together “take action” lists and talking points. Find out more from these outlets:

Reach out to local media and your communities. Part of our commitment to justice for immigrants is to share the stories of the border far and wide, into communities that do not know the realities of the borderlands, immigration, and seeking asylum.

Educate yourself: The systematic dehumanization and criminalization of immigrants did not start with the Trump administration. Bill Clinton first introduced the idea of “Prevention through Deterrence” in 1994 ( And this new “Zero Tolerance” policy (note: not a law), which makes seeking asylum a federal crime, has been labeled an extension of the Deterrence policy (

Attend Operation Streamline proceedings: For those in Tucson, Del Rio, or Laredo border patrol sectors, you can attend hearings to protest this practice and stand in solidarity (

Follow the Free the Children Coalition

  • On Facebook:
  • On Twitter: @FreeChildrenAZ

  • And use the #FreeTheChildren hashtag every time you write anything on social media. Let’s keep it trending!

  • In Arizona: Get in touch with the Arizona State Democratic Legislators and ask what you can do to support the efforts of checking in on the children. Though the well-being of children in the state of Arizona is the responsibility of the state, Southwest Key Program is a Texas-based company, and Arizona’s legislators are being told that the welfare of the kids in our internment camp (on Speedway & Oracle) is the responsibility of the state of Texas.

Call legislators and ask them to support the 2019 Refugee Protection Act:

  • In November 2019, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA 19) led the bicameral introduction of the Refugee Protection Act of 2019.  Building upon previous versions of the Refugee Protection Act introduced by Leahy and Lofgren, the Refugee Protection Act of 2019 is a comprehensive blueprint for restoring and reinvigorating U.S. refugee and asylum systems in response to the Trump administration’s attempts to shut the nation’s doors to refugees and asylum seekers.

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